Stainless Steel Fasteners Manufacturing

Apex Stainless Fasteners has an in-house Manufacturing Division producing specialist Stainless Steel products, including Aerotight® Nuts, Hexagon Rivet Bushes, Allthreads and turned-parts to drawing. 

The Stainless Steel raw materials used in Aerotights® are sourced from European mills.

Aerotight Production Capabilities

Aerotight Manufacturing’s Multi-spindle and Single-spindle Auto Shop

N.B. Aerotight Manufacturing is a trading division of Apex Stainless Fasteners Ltd. All photographs shown are taken directly from the Aerotight Premises.

Multi-Spindle Nut Machining
Multi-Spindle Nut Machining

This view shows the multi-spindle machining section used in producing high volume in-house products and special turned parts to customers’ drawings.


Sliding Head Nut Machining

A Petermann Sliding Head Auto producing various sizes of Allthreads and special turned parts to customer specifications.

Single Spindle Nut Machining

Cam-operated Single-spindle Turret Automatics used in the manufacture of the Aerotight® Nuts and special turned parts.

Rotary Transfer

One of the secondary operation rotary transfer machines used to carry out additional drilling, milling and tapping operations.

Nut Manufacturing

A specialised secondary operation machine used for the manufacture of the Aerotight® Nuts range.

Nut Tapping

Automatic Nut Tapping Machine.

Aerotight Procedure

Aerotight Procedure.

Aerotight Manufacturing Product Range

The Manufacturing Division is also able to produce a range of items to customer’s drawings and specifications. Below are a few pictures which show just some of the items that have been produced.

Special Turned Parts can be produced up to 1 ¾ inches (45mm) outside diameter.

Special Turned Nuts
Special Turned Nuts


The Aerotight® Nut

Apex is the manufacturer of the renowned Aerotight® All Metal Self-Locking Nut. This is manufactured in various grades of Stainless Steel and also in other materials, available with various finishes, such as trivalent plating.

The Aerotight® Product Catalogue can be downloaded here

Example from the Metric and Imperial Aerotight® Nut Range 

Aerotight Nuts
Aerotight Nuts


In-house manufactured Allthreads in both A2 (304) and A4 (316) Stainless Steel

Allthread Nuts
Allthread Nuts


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