Stainless Steel Fasteners Information

Apex Stainless aims to assist with all queries including any technical questions customers may raise relating to Stainless Steel products. Technical information about the products can be viewed within the Trade Online Store, and is attached to each product.

In the event of any specific product queries please phone, fax or email your local branch contact

Apex Stainless Fasteners is a member of the British Stainless Steel Association. The BSSA logo below links to their website’s technical information section, which may be helpful for answering any questions you may have on stainless steel matters.

British Stainless Steel Associaion: Making the Most of Stainless Steel

For all the latest news on International Stainless Steel and trends on Nickel prices please follow the link provided.

Understanding Stainless Steel

There are four separate videos viewable below produced by Team Stainless which help explain the history and basics of Stainless Steel. These offer a breakdown of what exactly Stainless Steel is, the self-passivation mechanism, and some of the reasons behind its lasting value.

Please follow the links below by clicking on the relevant thumbnail and the video will open in a new window.

Stainless Steel – 100 Years of Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel – Recycled for Lasting Value

Stainless Steel – Self-Repairing for Lasting Value

Stainless Steel – Alloyed for Lasting Value